Your Mindful Money COVID-19 Resource Kit

This COVID-19 pandemic has meant that change is being forced upon us like never before. The global situation is chaotic, and it’s very easy to feel lost and fearful.

In times of profound uncertainty, being able to take some kind of action can be both productive and reassuring.

So this last couple weeks I have created some free resources which I hope will help you navigate your way through some of the pressing impacts of COVID-19 on your work, family and money.

Click on the following link to access all four articles in our Mindful Money COVID-19 resources kit. Following is the list:

You will find my website has changed with a great addition being the BOOK CLUB which is aimed to provide a quick resource of possibilities of where you can further build your knowledge and skills. Book reviews are located here

A couple of other blogs provided are more because I have been working from home & video conferencing with people for 10+ years now. I know there have been times when I wish someone had told me about some of these.

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