While I have never been a huge book reader, I have constantly read financial books and I love playing board games—particularly financial ones. Yes, I know that’s a little weird. (I definitely didn’t fit in at school for more reasons than this one—I know some of you will get that!). I’m intrigued by anything to do with money. Over the years I’ve discovered that learning from others can save time, money and stress.

Our Book Club offers an opportunity to learn from people who’ve walked the path to financial fitness, wellbeing, and/or independence before us. To hear people’s real stories, observe their mistakes and challenges. Most importantly, discover what they learned and how they progressed.

When you join the Mindful Money Book Club, you’ll receive updates on latest review of a wide variety of books and games. Some will be practical books about money, life coaching and approaches to thinking and shifting our mindset. Others will be works of pure fiction—but will be books that have woven money into the story, to offer an interesting financial lesson as well. But whatever we review, everything in the Book Club will be selected to give you some great resources, guidance and a bit of fun along the way.

Some of the books and board games we’ll review are awesome, and will create some useful and challenging learning experiences, especially if you include your kids.

While I have provided links to purchase the books and games we review. I encourage you to check out your local library—especially the library app, which is free to download and use (check out the eLibrary apps associated with your local library). Libraries are a great resource that can save you money and time!

I hope you enjoy these recommended games and books. I have learned something from each one of these, and I hope you find inspiration from using them too.

Join the Mindful Money Book Club – a community of people interested in using stories and games to help accelerate their learning around money and a place to become inspired by others.