Did you know you have a relationship with money?

Did you know you have thoughts and emotions around money?

Did you know that these affect how you interact with money?

Most of us don’t receive any specific training or education around money. So if your answer to these questions is no, or if you acknowledge that you haven’t thought much about your relationship with money before, then you are definitely NOT alone. But the truth is that we all have a relationship with money.

What if money mindfulness is the key you have been searching for? Think for a moment about your current thoughts and emotions around money…

  • What patterns do you have?
  • What can you hear yourself saying about money?
  • What can you hear yourself thinking about money?
  • How do you feel about it?

For some of you, these thoughts and feelings may be…frustrated, angry, out of control, wondering where it keeps disappearing to, where does it go, confused… You get the picture.

Or, you might well be on your way to financial wellbeing and fitness, but looking for ways you can develop further and tweak what you are already doing. Perhaps your curiosity is prompting you to wonder what more you could do.


You may already know the answer to this question, but some of the common reasons why people have come to talk to me in the past include:

  • I’m just not sure where to start
  • Money stresses me out
  • I’ve have had enough of going around in circles
  • Budgeting doesn’t work
  • I find money confusing—it doesn’t make sense
  • I’m making lots of changes and want a coach to keep me heading in the right direction
  • I know I need to start but I’m nervous about what to expect
  • It’s time to start saving for a home
  • I’m tired of arguing about money
  • I have some big goals and would love extra guidance on how I might get there
  • That damn credit card! I just can’t get rid of the debt.
  • I need someone to bounce ideas off around financial ideas and strategies.
Our focus at Mindful Money is to help you increase your success with money, your financial wellbeing and fitness. To boost your confidence and ability to achieve your goals, so you can enjoy your life with less stress around money.