Mindful Money workshops can be either a once off or a series of interactive, small group sessions designed to help participants achieve success with money.

Our money mindset, and our relationship with money, impacts the way we operate in our personal life and our work. Developing a strong understanding and confident relationship with money makes it easier for participants to get on with building success in all areas of their life. It means more freedom with less stress around money.

In these workshops, Jane Horn leads participants through an inclusive, simple process to help you dig down and understand your beliefs, habits and patterns around money, and identify the actions you can take to create a healthier and more productive relationship with money—in your business and in your life.

Money Mindfulness Workshops

Choose from our two workshop streams:


Personal finance is one of the leading causes of stress for individuals. Because money is largely a silent subject in our society, confusion around money tends to increase over time, making it difficult to learn about and work effectively with money. Money stress can also negatively affect people’s mental health in life and at work.


MONEY COACHING WORKSHOPS (small business / start-ups)

One of the main reasons for small business failure is a lack of cash flow. And one of the reasons for this, is that most people are unaware of the impact that their relationship with money has on their business and personal life.