Great course. Particularly setting structures around accounts / bills / payments and savings. Stress reduction and increased clarity have both been huge. Thanks.



I am in control (instead of money seeming to control me); thee is understanding; it can work for me. I won’t deprive myself, but nor will I be greedy – I will be realistic.



The work with Jane has made a huge difference to my financial wellbeing which has created a further positive knock on effect to my wellbeing more generally.



Jane nails it in Mindful Money! Many people stress about money and see no clear path to escape the situation they are in. This book helps you identify the emotional blocks you have and clear them. The 8 key drivers gives you a step by step plan to clear the path so you can get on and enjoy life. Working through the exercises will allow you to start seeing money as an enabler so you are freed up to achieve all your goals, not just the financial ones.

Jane Slack-Smith

Author, Property Educator & award winning Mortgage Broker (www.investorschoice.com.au)

Knowledgeable and stress-free. To understand what is happening in my cash management, savings and investments. For it to be part of my overall healthy lifestyle, which makes me happy.



Thanks Jane 🙂 These sessions really helped me to understand and have a positive relationship with money. From these sessions I have been able to continue to grow and have smoother finances.



The course was enlightening and definitely addressed my anxieties around money.



Many people jump on the bandwagon of mindfulness as it is the new buzz word – but not Jane. This book helps bring you head to head with your own hidden beliefs and sabotage patterns. This is a deeply reflective ‘practice’ and anything that uncovers our individual blocks to abundance in the real meaning of the word is most welcome. A warning – this is not a magical thinking book – it requires effort and awareness – are you mature enough to take up the challenge? Do you want prosperity and abundance? These are the questions that you should ask yourself and then commit to the actions and see what unfolds.

Vicki Sauvage

Feng Shui & Design Consultant (www.sauvage-feng-shui.com)