Decision Time!

Decision Time!

I have no doubt that ALL of us in Australia have found ourselves reflecting a little more deeply this Christmas and New Year than we may have in previous ‘festive’ periods. The devastating fires still burning across our country have affected us all in some way—either directly or indirectly. Some of you may even have been fighting those fires, volunteering, or contributing in some other much-needed capacity.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the bushfires (people and wildlife alike) and to all the volunteers who are working so hard to offer help and support. Please do take care, and stay safe.

Time to take action
Perhaps this deeper reflection has got you thinking a little differently about the beginning of a new year, and a new decade. Will 2020 be another year on repeat? I don’t think so. It seems to me that this is a time for change. So perhaps it’s time to step up to the plate and say ‘Game On!’

Let’s skip the part where we talk about goals, aspirations or resolutions, and jump straight into actions.

What actions are you going to kick off with this year? What things are you going to actively do in the next week and/or month that will help you to make forward progress on your goals?

If you already know the actions you want to take, then that’s great! Jump to it and do it right now, or schedule it into your diary so that you don‘t forget or lose momentum.

If you haven’t yet thought about the actions you can take to make some positive changes right now, then here are a few ideas:

  • Digital cleanse Try taking yourself off social media for the next seven days.
  • Track your spending Record your grocery shopping costs for the next 30 days (the final figure may surprise you!).
  • Keep a gratitude journal What are you grateful for? Note down everything you feel thankful for each evening (or morning).
  • Wake up with a clearer mindset Over the next 30 days, just before you go to sleep, make a point of thinking about your theme for the year. If you haven’t decided on this yet, then feel free to use mine—­Curiosity and courage over comfort.
  • No-tap month Use cold hard cash for a month and don’t use your debit or credit card. You’ll be amazed at the change this brings about in your thinking and approach to spending.
  • Get your taxes done If you are expecting a tax refund, that could mean increased savings or donating to a good cause. Decide now how much you are going to save and/or donate, and set yourself a reminder for when your refund is due. People who do this end up saving or giving more than those who don’t have a plan.
  • Supermarket streamlining Plan your­ grocery shopping so you only visit the supermarket once a week or fortnightly—this alone can save you a fortune.
  • Values and money Think about the personal values you want your money to have this year, and write them down somewhere so you can refer to it over the coming months.

You don’t have to go it alone
A successful financial journey often means getting the right support. You may find that you need someone to:

  • Help you keep on track and stay accountable
  • Encourage you to keep actively developing your mindset, building your knowledge and/or taking action towards your goals.

Sometimes that support is about helping you to reset or end one stage of your journey so you can be open to the next.

There are three ways to get this support (and you might use a combination of all the following):

  1. Scheduling regular financial dates or catch ups with your partner or a friend.
  2. Creating your own small group and meeting up fortnightly or monthly to support each other in your intentions, actions and goals.
  3. Booking a Mindful Money One-to-One Coaching session with me. These personal coaching sessions are a great opportunity for you to get clearer on your goals and set some actions and next steps to help you move forward.

To find out more and book a session with me, select the option that best suits you now:

  1. Ongoing Coaching (for existing ongoing clients)
  2. Starter Session – Life, Goals & Money (generally for clients new to Mindful Money)
  3. Not sure? Sometimes the best place to start is with a conversation. Book a 15 Minute Free Discovery Chat

I wish you all the best for 2020—a new year full of potential! A year full of curiosity and courage!